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For nearly two decades Atlas Services has been working with attorneys, financial establishments, caregivers, families, homeowners, realtors, property managers and contractors to manage their homes and properties. We provide a range of services to help minimize the stress of moving, downsizing, smartsizing, organizing and selling.

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  • Complimentary ConsultationsAtlas Services provides complimentary consultations to all prospective clients interested in any of our services. We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our company in person or virtually.
  • Initial In-Home MeetingAtlas Services will come to your home and sit down with you and/or your family members and talk about your specific needs. We will go room to room to identify items that can be used for the new residence, items to donate, items to be sold, items to recycled, items to be incinerated, and debris in need of removal. We are fully equipped and experienced in handling homes in need of a great deal of cleaning and sorting, with a large volume of accumulated assets and other items. Ensuring that you are comfortable and satisfied with the process is our first priority.
  • Project CoordinationAtlas Services will coordinate with homeowners, relatives, caregivers, guardians, estate executors, administrators, and attorneys, keeping all parties apprised by their preferred method of communication, whether telephone, text, or e-mail.
  • TimelineAtlas Services will establish a timeline for items to be removed.
  • Floor PlansAtlas Services will visit the new residence to evaluate the available space and develop a floor plan and a strategy for the move itself.
  • Pack, Unpack, & ResettleAtlas Services will professionally pack your belongings, unpack your belongings and put away your belongings.
  • Downsize, Rightsize & OrganizeAtlas Services offers professional downsizing, smartsizing and organizing. Virtual services also available using technology with phones, tablets and computers.
  • StagingAtlas Services presents detailed options for preparing your home for the market. We create a customized lifestyle image that targets buyers.
  • Paper SortingAtlas Services will sort through papers, medical bills, and all accumulated paperwork. We will look for crucial legal documents for estate administrators such as wills, titles, and deeds.
  • Sell Your BelongingsAtlas Services arranges for the most profitable sale of unneeded items through auctions, buyouts, global eBay Sales, and other markets. We assess possessions for maximum resale value, including photographs, paintings, furniture, pottery, glass, books, militaria, collectibles (toys, stamps, coins, etc.), silver and gold, jewelry, clothing, vintage items (electronics and otherwise), and all other items of potential resale value. Our extensive expertise in merchandise and resale markets gives us the ability to discover any hidden treasures in our clients’ possessions and return unexpected profits to them when possible.
  • Coordinate DonationsAtlas Services will pack items for donation and deliver them to local charities. A detailed list of donations is provided for your tax records, including an IRS recommendation for value.
  • IncinerationAtlas Services will take your confidential documents and have them incinerated. We will provide you with a receipt of destruction.
  • Clear OutAtlas Services will arrange for the sale, donation and disposal of any items left in your home and broom sweep the residence for turnover to new owners.

    Decluttering: Atlas Services will provide a personalized approach to the organization process through decluttering, organizing and sorting.

    Hoarding: Atlas Services recognizes that each hoarding case is extremely personal and will bring its consultative expertise and compassion to our hoarding engagements. Atlas appreciates that the hoarding cleanup is part of a larger care environment. As such we regularly coordinate with hoarders themselves, their family, medical professionals, real estate professionals, financial establishments, and other service providers as necessary.
  • CleaningAtlas Services will perform standard and deep cleaning services. Please inquire with Atlas Services for a quote.